Eric Burgess

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Eric has spent over 20 years building and leading companies that make technology work for everyday consumers. Armed with creativity and a Masters in Business Administration from Emory University, Eric brainstorms and establishes a strong corporate strategy and a clear company direction. In short, Eric dreams things up and makes them happen.

James Coburn

Based in Melbourne, Australia, James brings to the table 23 years of executive management experience at IBM. He has successfully improved the customer experience with many different companies across a variety of industries. With a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Melbourne, James knows exactly what it takes to improve customer satisfaction rates.

Chris Moore

Chris has over 25 years of executive experience in software systems and business consulting and technical services. As the VP, Partnerships for BlueLeap he will be cultivating, managing, and supporting partnerships with Enterprise software companies to bundle BlueLeap applications with the ERP sales, marketing, customer service, and support applications. As a partner and advisor for BlueLeap he also provides guidance and insight on how to continue to position the company, grow the products, improve operations, and service customers.