Why Customer Service Automation is Beneficial for Businesses

It’s no secret that customer service is one of the most important investments for all companies. No matter which industry your business belongs to, your consumers expect first-rate service at every touchpoint. Whether they’re on mobile, social media, or a desktop computer, your brand should already be two steps ahead — with an interaction set up and ready to help your customers with whatever they need.

However, the more touchpoints there are, the more difficult it gets to manage everything as a seamless interaction. This is a huge issue for companies today, so much so, that according to the New Jersey Institute of Technology, 9 in 10 customers expect this. Yet, nearly 90 percent think companies are failing at this endeavor. So the question becomes, is it possible to integrate all important communication channels into a cohesive business process? The answer, of course, is yes!

BlueLeap is a unique application that makes customer service automation rapid and easy. With just one click of a button, you can set up interactions at every customer service touchpoint, managing the customer conversation as one complete business process — all without having to write one line of code. It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. Here’s a brief look at how it works!

Traditional forms of customer service are too inefficient for today’s consumers. Think back to a time when you were experiencing problems with a product or service, and needed to reach out to a representative. Did you have to hunt down a phone number? Were you placed on a call waiting list? How many times were you transferred between different representatives in the duration of that one call? Did your problem get resolved immediately, or did it fall through the cracks? How many times did you have to follow up?

If you were left feeling angry, frustrated, and let down by the end of that interaction, you’re not alone! The statistics surrounding poor customer service will astound you.

  • 27% of Americans cite “lack of effectiveness” as their main point of frustration, while 12% believe it to be “lack of speed.
  • 72% of consumers believe that explaining their issues over and over again is a sign of poor customer service.
  • 44% of consumers insist that their customer service representatives provided them with the wrong solutions.
  • Of those who shared their bad customer service experiences online, 79% of complaints were ignored.

The good news is that there is a remedy for most poor customer experiences. It all starts by taking a look at your customer service as a whole and setting up automatic interactions at the right touchpoints. This way, customers can avoid “waiting in line,” be directed to the right representative from the get-go, and receive a correct solution. In the end, they will remain happy with your brand and loyal to your company.

Plus, automating certain customer service processes alleviates some stress for your customer service representatives. So not only do you have a happy customer base, but you also have a happy team of employees. Analysts agree that by 2023, 50 percent of organizations that neglect to invest in this area will lose market share to existing competitors that made investments, as well as to new digital market entries.

To find out more about how BlueLeap can take your business to the next level, watch this short demo or give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and show you how customer service should be!